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The National Association (ANCOS) has been carrying out its work of Selection and Genetic Improvement of the Segureño Breed in the following provinces:

  • Almería
  • Granada
  • Málaga
  • Jaén
  • Sevilla
  • Murcia

The vast majority of farms are of a family type, since both the number of animals and the pasture area are not large enough to constitute a highly profitable operation. According to the latest census, it would consist of 250 farmers, belonging to the aforementioned provinces, with an average of approximately 500 animals per farm.

General operating organization chart

To carry out the Breed Selection Scheme, Ancos has been using since 1990 the Artificial Insemination (AI) Technique with fresh semen doses of 300 million spermatozoa as a tool for the dissemination and connection of the Genetic Improvement Program. This is done through an AI Center located at the “Granja de Los Morales,” owned by the Diputación de Granada. At the same time, a Controlled Breeding system is implemented to evaluate the performance of breeding males, always within the Controlled Nucleus framework.

The main objective of our improvement program is to increase the number of kilograms of meat per sheep per year. To achieve this, we strive to enhance the lambing interval, prolificacy, and lamb growth rate while maintaining the breed standard and quality characteristics of the lambs through their morphology.

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